April 2020

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  • The impact of COVID on the workforce and regional economic output

    The impact on the Workforce and Local Economic Output will be felt more acutely in the North and West of England The International Labour Organisation examined the impact of the crisis on economic output by different sectors. This gave the level of current impact of the COVID-19 crisis on economic output against each categorised sector (based on […]

  • COVID-19 Analysis

    Confirmed number of COVID-19 cases across England To give an understanding of how quickly COVID-19 is spreading, we analysed the relative change in the number of new cases per day across England. Due to reporting variations, a 7-day moving average was applied to this figure. A figure of 1.0 represents a constant rate of growth, […]

  • Glenesk guide to working at home

    Humans love habits. Reduced social interactions present people with a number of challenges, but setting yourself up to succeed with the right habits is key to getting through the challenges of these times better and brighter. Here are our favourite top tips from the last couple of weeks: Keep learning! It’s important to maintain growth […]