• What next for Adult Social Care?

    Social Care has just faced its toughest ever test and while the months ahead will be different they look set to be equally challenging.  As Councils consider their responses to our new world and its pressures, we offer some ideas and evidence we hope will help. Right now:  Keep the wheels turning With some patients […]

  • Why accurate reporting on Care Home deaths matters

    COVID deaths look like they are being under-reported. Our analysis shows that COVID deaths in Care Homes account for less than half the increase observed. It is critical we understand if this is under-reporting or if there are other issues at play because the impact of COVID deaths is not felt equally. Over 85’s are […]

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses

    How bad is it really? We reviewed ONS findings of what 6,171 businesses are saying about the impact of COVID on the British economy.   Want to ask a question or understand more detail behind our analysis? Email us here

  • COVID-19 Analysis

    Confirmed number of COVID-19 cases across England To give an understanding of how quickly COVID-19 is spreading, we analysed the relative change in the number of new cases per day across England. Due to reporting variations, a 7-day moving average was applied to this figure. A figure of 1.0 represents a constant rate of growth, […]