How We Work

We work very differently to other external partners.

  • We…

    • Deliver rapid results

    • Invest in your team’s capabilities

    • Work hand in glove with client teams so they can ultimately deliver sustainable evidence-based change without our help

    • Deliver change that sticks

    • Are proud to be as valued on the front line as we are in the board room

  • We don’t…

    • Keep our proprietary tools and techniques to ourselves

    • Arrive with pre-considered ideas about what needs to be done

    • Deliver expensive advice

    • Make changes that are forgotten as soon as the next initiative comes along

    • Neglect to have our work challenged at all levels of the organisation

“Working with Glenesk has been a real breath of fresh air. They’ve taken the time to understand the strategic context in my department, and helped us to progress some of our key priorities while being sensitive to our culture. The relationships they’ve developed with my team as well as the structure and analytical rigour they’ve brought have delivered improved ways of working that better serve our customers, providers and colleagues.”

Helen Jones, Director of Commissioning – Wiltshire Council