Be yourself

At Glenesk we hire people who share our values, not our thinking – we don’t want carbon copies of ourselves and it’s okay to disagree. Everyone needs to make mistakes to innovate and grow, so we create the environment to do that safely. We support our people to do what’s important to them, which is why you’ll always be wherever you want to be by 6pm on a Thursday.

Do what matters

Everyone at Glenesk has a say in how the company is run, and the chance to lead change in the business from day one. Opportunities and impact come in spades right from the start. We act with integrity and care about doing the right thing for our clients and each other. Our people are able to spend their energy where it should be spent – on delighting clients, and developing the business and themselves – not on playing internal politics

Pass it on

At Glenesk we don’t train managers; we develop leaders.

We are a group of people who delight in others’ success and seek to raise each other up rather than succeed at others’ expense. Everyone is recognised for their contribution and is only ever in competition with themselves

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