We find the hidden opportunities that can be difficult to resolve

We analyse pathway performance from first principles to find practical opportunities to better prevent, delay, and reduce need, and commission services more effectively.

A County Council in the South of England actively managed their block contracts with key providers and had reduced their void payments to between 5-8% of capacity, one of the lowest levels amongst its peers.  Our team worked with commissioners to identify and resolve the remaining voids to root cause.


Besides identifying nearly £400k of savings realised by reducing the level of spot purchasing, the project demonstrated how provider income could be protected at the same time.


The client has the means to meet growing demand at less cost, deliver efficiencies and protect fragile provider markets at the same time

“The work was conducted in a very professional and carefully considered manner, and was successful in identifying a number of ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste in the service through an analysis of tasks in terms of value adding and non-value adding activity. A co-production approach was used with staff in the service, which ensured both their input and buy-in to the process, which I feel was very successful in identifying ways to improve the service.”

Head of Operations –  Lancashire Care Foundation Trust

We deliver the results, even when the change is complex

We marry your team’s experience and understanding of local circumstances with our unique delivery approach to deliver results sustainably, time after time.


 Six Brokerage Teams each had different processes and systems, with varying outcomes and provider feedback.  Glenesk worked with the teams and their providers to redesign and simplify the core process, restructure the team and reconfigure systems.  We provided on-the-job training and support for key people so that they could analyse and address performance issues in real-time and without our help.  We clarified team aims and standards, provided visibility of team performance and set up the forums to review team achievements to make this task easier.


Providers prefer the new way of working as it easier to interact with the team and to get the information they need. Senior Managers get key performance information in real time making it easier to manage demand and capacity across the local care system, staff have less re-work to do and a more even distribution of workload

“I have been working with Glenesk for the last seven months on a project redesign, restructure and implement our new service. I have been impressed with how they have worked together with us closely to not only analyse and make recommendations but to actually implement sustainable change.”

Brokerage Manager – Wiltshire Council

You get increased control of your services and an investment in your team

At the same time your team gets upskilled, giving you more control over future changes, delivered at less risk.


An Adult Social Care team in the South East of England had engaged an external provider to help them develop a strengths-based approach to Social Work practice.  This demonstrated promising results and was well received by staff and service users, but the model had proved challenging to implement consistently and at scale.  We worked with the local team to make the change stick by redesigning core processes, paperwork, working practices and roles in a consistent way around the new way of working.


The changes reduced the amount of work required because call-centre requests were triaged more effectively and efficiently. The administrative burden on staff was reduced which freed up time to dedicate to service users and contact-to-referral times were reduced through streamlined process.


The local team have a sustainable model of practice in place to deliver more independent outcomes, in less time, with less effort and with better evidence of the impact achieved.

“The relationships they’ve developed with my team as well as the structure and analytical rigour they’ve brought have delivered improved ways of working that better serve our customers, providers and colleagues. They have helped me set up my team for long-term success.”

Director of Commissioning – Wiltshire Council