“Everything we do comes back to our values – they are baked into everything we do, from our recruitment process, through our development pathway, to weekly check-in sessions we have as a team. As the internal lead on Culture, I want us to be very intentional about the culture we create, and that it always serves our values as a business. ‘We Care’ can sound a bit of a soft, fluffy value, but it fundamentally drives how we behave – we genuinely care about our people and want them to thrive and flourish, and we care deeply about doing the right thing for our clients and showing integrity. I’ve never worked anywhere where I’ve felt that the company has put as much store in this as we do.”

Sarah Castor-Perry, Manager

As we go wherever our clients are, there will be travel involved, so you will need to be comfortable living away from home. Typically, you shouldn’t have to leave home before 6am on a Monday, and you’ll be home (or at the gym, or out for dinner with friends) by 6pm on a Thursday. Each Friday we hold a Review Day in Central London, where we come together to share ideas and challenge our thinking on client and internal projects.

We work hard because we want to delight our clients, but we don’t work late for the sake of it, and you won’t ever have to work weekends.

At Glenesk we have a supportive development culture, from weekly catch-ups with your Line Manager, to a dedicated Development Guide and a focus on how we can support you to become the best you you can be. There is no limit on how far and how fast you can go, with progression and recognition based purely on how you add value to clients and to Glenesk more widely.

As well as personal development and working on some really exciting, complex issues for our clients, there’s plenty of  scope to get involved on the internal side. As a small and growing company we provide ample opportunity for individuals at every level to use their passions to shape the future of the business.

If this resonates with you send us a message and we’d be delighted to talk to you