The Glenesk guide to working at home

Humans love habits. Reduced social interactions present people with a number of challenges, but setting yourself up to succeed with the right habits is key to getting through the challenges of these times better and brighter.

Here are our favourite top tips from the last couple of weeks:

  • Keep learning! It’s important to maintain growth and development whilst your working from home. Watch this space for how we’re applying this at Glenesk.


  • Wake up and get the most important things done, first. Whether this is making an important decision, going on a run, practicing meditation or having breakfast with your loved ones, get it done before the distractions of the day unfold. The New York Times talks about making time for whatever energizes you, here.

  • Get dressed for work – “business casual” “home professional” or “home casual” – it doesn’t matter. Keeping the routine of getting up, getting dressed, and feeling ready for the day are key to keeping you in the right state of mind to be motivated and productive at home. See what the Standard says about this, here.


  • Support your managers to develop the right skills to manage their teams through remote working. Harvard Business Review has a great guide, here.


  • Get fit: there are lots of free digital fitness coaches who can add the variety, motivation and enthusiasm to keep getting fit whilst you’re at home.



  • Schedule meetings to end 10 minutes before the end of the hour or half hour. As you are no longer able to walk from meeting room to meeting room – this 5-10 minutes to think, prep, or do a lap of the house can keep you focussed.

This article was written by Tom Wheeler